Maximilien Jazani

Managing Partner

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I founded my cabinet in 2005 after having had a 10 years practice in several international law firms. I wished to create a Law Firm with a new business model based on the quality rather than the quantity, prioritizing the experience and know-how, the added-value and the grey matter instead of a static vision of Law.

MJ Entertainment Law is also teams made of many experienced professionals – Attorneys at Law or Lawyers, Solicitors, Chartered Public Accountants, catalogue administrators – who I have selected among the best in their respective area of practice and have them working with me since the creation of my Firm.

This team includes professionals in France and around the world, e.g., London, Brussels, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Lisbon, Singapore …

Indeed, in an international, context, I made the choice not to limit myself to a rigid network of firms but to constitute an “à la carte” team for each mission by involving the most relevant professionals.

Since then, I’ve had the chance to meet the iconic DJs of the French Touch. I understood that to effectively advise artists and independent producers of music and especially electronic music, it was necessary to know the profession from within to better understand their specificity.

For this purpose, while I was already a practicing lawyer for 14 years, I went to the DJ Center in Paris to learn the techniques of the mix.

I also founded in 2011, then resold in 2016, a music publishing and record production company, member of SACEM, to understand the practice and know the know-how of these professions, those of phonographic production and collective management.

My English-French bilingualism, my openness and knowledge of English contract law and private international law, allow me to provide expert advice to my clients with the support of my network of experienced professionals on five continents.

My background in finance, taxation and accounting combined with my knowledge and experience in music publishing and phonographic production law and my team allow me to advise and represent artists, authors, publishers and producers of phonograms to sell or acquire editorials or masters catalogues under optimal conditions.


2015-2016 & 2017 awards

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Corporate clients


Music catalogue Sale and Purchase
Entrust un with the whole process and engineering of the sale or purchase of music masters or publishing Catalogues

We will provide you the following services:

  • Overview, audit and estimate of your catalogue of music master Recordings and/or your Publishing Catalogue
  • Advisory on catalogue enhancement
  • Finding of buyers or sellers and selection
  • Securing the Sale and Purchase
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Negotiation, drafting and closing of the sale and purchase
Music contracts: negotiation, drafting
Live Streams & DJ Set Streams: contracts and licensing (SACEM, Labels…)

Recording contracts or Artist contracts,

Publishing contracts, Publishing assignments, Publishing catalogue administration agreements,

Artist engagement, Artist international booking, live show contracts, DJS et contracts,

Licensing and distribution contracts,

Drafting and negotiating of contracts at each step, from the projects setting up to their development (music, audiovisual, cinema, theatre, live show, music publishing, dance, photography, advertisement), on all media whatever physical or digital, for TV, cinematographic or Internet (creation, development, production, distribution, sale and purchase rights, «advertainment », « sponsorship » & « endorsement »).

Image rights and endorsement
  • Artists licensing and management, endorsement,
  • Licensing rights of publicity,
  • Image rights agreements
  • Sponsorship and partnership agreements,
  • Confidentiality and non-disparagement agreements
Music business and artists taxation
  • Withholding tax issues and tax forms
  • Tax treaty benefits
  • Tax residence issues
Music Regulation
Live show regulation, Live show producer’s license,

Artist agent regulation,

Artists, publishers and producers’ Social security regulation.

Music Label creation
Turn-key setting up of Publishing, Record Company and Live show production companies, 360° label,

Tax and social optimizing structuring of contracts.


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